About Harvest Vegetables

Harvest Agriculture is located in the heart of the Central Fruits and Vegetables Market in Al Safa District, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We are well-known wholesalers, distributors, and marketers for premium quality branded fruits and vegetables in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Nearly a decade we have been distributing all kind of Imported, Local vegetables and Fruits to Five-star Hotels, Resorts, Airlines catering, and Catering services on yearly or monthly quotation price Basis. We have a strong commitment to providing valuable customers with high-quality fruits and vegetables.

The company directly imports quality fruits and vegetables (Such as Fruits:-Apples, Oranges, Lemon, Stone Fruits, Avocado hass, Strawberry, Melons, Grapes, Kiwi, Mangoes etc. Vegetables:- Capsicum Red/Yellow, Celery ,Leeks, Lettuce Iceberg ,Broccoli, Mushrooms, Potato Baby, Tomato cherry, lollo rosso, Lollo Bionda, Asparagus, Zucchini, Kale, Baby Roquette, Baby spinach, Basil leaves, Rosemary Leaves, Thyme, Cress Shiso Mix ,Sakura Mix ,Edible Flower Etc.)from all over the world by air and Sea. All the suppliers of ours are certified producers and growers who meet the highest standards in their respective countries. The company holds a large number of consistent clients in Saudi Arabia with a strong commitment towards providing quality to its valuable customers with high-quality fruits. Our experience in handling bulk orders and meeting targets as per the given schedules help us in efficiently meeting consumer needs and providing them the quality at a very competitive price.


Our vision is to supply every one of our customers with the highest quality fruits and vegetables. We aim to source products from every country. We believe customer satisfaction begins with the earth. The land from which the grower creates fine brands and fine product that is key to our way of doing business.  We believe that integrity, trustworthiness, and honesty are integral to who we are as a company, and so, we insist that at every stage of what we do. It is this passion for getting things right and our refusal to compromise on quality that has established our reputation for nearly four decades. We achieve our quality through a rigorous selection of farms and partner suppliers who share our vision of affordable quality.
We understand the demands customer’s and aim to help them to ensure they receive the best products available in the market with the highest possible levels of service.


Harvest Agriculture has been distributing fresh Fruits and Vegetables to our clients nearly a decade. The Prime area Harvest Agriculture’s focus has always been the dependable supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to Five Star Hotels, Luxuries Resorts, Airlines Catering, Multi-specialty Hospitals, Three Star Chain Restaurants and leading Catering Companies Etc.


The Harvest Agriculture is equipped with a modern cold storage facility. The company has Heavy and Medium delivery vehicles to carry and distribute goods to our customers. We are using very hygienic refrigerated vehicles for supplying highly perishable fruits and vegetables. We insure that all handling is done in a suitable and hygienic procedure. We have no delivery charges.

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